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A Burning Passion 

Dining by candle light, enjoying a relaxing bubble bath or spending an evening in the garden are just some of the ways candles enhance our lives.

Making your own candles not only allows them to be tailored to suit your personal taste and home decor, you will also have the added benefit of knowing what your candles contain;

because you control what goes into them.



Choosing the right candle wick is important to achieving a candle which burns cleanly and for a good period of time.


Whether you are making pillar candles or candles in containers, your choice of wax is important for how your candle looks and burns. 


Melting accessories are selected to make your life easier and your candle making experience safer and more enjoyable.


Need a guiding hand? Our Candle Making Kits come complete with instructions for successful candles at the first attempt.